Things We Like: A List of Our Addictions Part 1

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Hello Valentines Day, the day where people express their love to a special someone. But here at JUICE, we love a lot of things, people and places, so much that we had to write it down, put it in list form and present it to you. From cats to music and who we like to make fun of, behold our list of addictions below…

1. Origami – The ancient art of making paper sculptures and impressing ladies. Hey, have you ever made an origami of Michael Jackson?

2. Military fashion – We don’t like wars, but we love John Lennon.

3. Kittens and pop art – Some consider them 2 separate things, but Andy Warhol and Hello Kitty are friends in our magical world.

4. New unsigned bands – Cos you never know who’s gonna be the next big thing.

5. Electric guitars – 2011 looks set to see a garage band revival. Long hair and unshaved boys to follow.

6. Polaroid photos – Cos good memories are meant to be held on to.

7. Android phones – This phone offers versatility-it can use apps and touchscreen like the iPhone, but can also handle business functions like a BB. It’s like a mullet: business in front, party at the back!

8. Pioneer CDJs 2000s – It has many bells and whistles that a more skilled DJ would use, but our fave part is that it’s USB compatible. No more burning CDs like it’s 2003.

9. Making fun of hipsters – Like lions who prey on young and sick wilderbeast, it’s fun and easy to take down the weak. No one (important) gets hurt.

10. Cat people – Better than dog people. Except when they go on about their pets too long… Then you’d wish that owners recognised commands too.

Watch out for Part 2 and 3 coming this week!

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