They’re REAL: Ninja Cats In Action!

Oh meow! Cats are basically ninjas.

They’re quiet, sneaky, good in parkour, and they’re flexible. In fact, these cats could be better ’cause even ninjas don’t have nine lives. A photographer from Japan noticed their resemblances and decided to document it. Hisakata Hiroyuki spent a good portion of his time photographing these cute furry creatures in their stealthy best-beast mode.

Perhaps Mr. Miyagi is the one teaching all these kitties the importance of self-defence. These cats have serious skills – powerful punches, explosive kicks, and infamous threatening stares. Of course, they could be cute and get things their way by pulling the cutesy face card. But why do that when they can just kick our ass. We’d probably forgive ’em anyway and reward ’em with more food.

To see these ninja cats in action, just keep scrolling down:

If you have furries like this at home, make sure to watch your back. You’ll never know when they’re gonna pounce.

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