They Might Be Giants: Join Us (Rounder)

With over three children’s albums as well as contributions to several Disney soundtracks in a span of 10 years, it’s understandable for fans to crave more adult tunes from quirky alt band They Might Be Giants.

Well, duo John Flansburgh and John Linnell finally managed to satisfy their deprived fans with their latest release Join Us. ‘Can’t Keep Johnny Down’ kicked off a continuous flow of slick pop tunes during the first half of the album before being taken over by the quirkiest goofball lyrics and eclectic sounds the band has ever made. One of the standouts that showed TMBG’s departure from kiddie tunes was ‘Never Knew Love’, which sounded like it came out of the classic Lincoln and Flood era. Other notable tracks like ‘Celebration’ and ‘Dog Walker’ solidified the band’s return to making geeky music for geeky adults. And we’re not afraid to embrace it with open arms!

LISTEN TO: ‘Never Knew Love’, ‘Canajoharie’, ‘Celebration’
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