These Gorgeous Ladies Prove That Age Is Just A Number & Fashion Is Forever By Winning Hari Sarong 2020

(Source: Astro Awani)

Come Malaysia Day every year, everyone in the nation looks forward to the special annual flash mob of Keretapi sarong where members of the public discover and get acquainted with the public train network by going through a set of curated routes while dressed in a sarong.

Organised by Locco, the event is back with its six instalments known as Hari Sarong 2020, but this time its turned up a notch. Now, there’s a competition and to qualify participants would have to complete at least eight out of 15 tasks on a checklist and tag Locco’s social media platform when they are done with their tasks.

(Source: Locco_my at twitter)

Once the day is over, the winners will be announced on the same day (16th September) through Locco’s Facebook page. However, this year’s champions have shocked the nation as the grand prize, which includes an exclusive spa and hotel experience along with a limited edition animal printed sarong scarf, has gone to a group of retired ladies, Miss Genevie Lim, Miss Choy and friends.

(Source: Locco_my on twitter)

Being that this is not your ordinary group of winners, the hosts of the live stream have decided to call Miss Choy to present to her the good news on their FB live where she was shocked to hear that she had won. Speaking to the hosts, Miss Choy had also noted that she and her group of friends had also participated in the Keretapi Sarong event last year with her friends.

(Source: Locco_my)

“We are certainly a happy go lucky group of friends that love to take on new challenges and are very active too especially in our Taichi,” she said in the call.

She also explained that the group had called themselves “The Warriors Bujang Lapok” in a Tik Tok challenge set in one of the tasks of the checklist and even covered themselves with Sarongs while wearing their Taichi outfits in a park.

When asked how long did it take for the group to capture their pictures and memories together, Miss Choy stated that it took them only 24 hours. Apart from that, she also mentioned that she and her group of friends are looking forward to the next Keretapi sarong next year.

“Look out for us we will be there,” she said.

This group of ladies most certainly proves to the citizens that you don’t have to be a certain age of demographic to participate for events especially if it’s an event that unites us all as a nation.

We are personally hoping to see what they have up their sleeves for next year!