There’s A Virtual Bar Where You Can ‘Hang Out’ With Friends, Play Games & Have Drinks

source: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

Gone are the days of ride-sharing and vomiting at the side of a longkang at 3 am. Although some restaurants and cafes are re-opening, most bars are still temporarily closed due to pandemic. Plus, we still need to maintain social distancing and do our best to avoid crowded places, and a good bar is usually the opposite.

We think it’s safe to say that as party-goers, we all long to be dancing under neon lights with our friends again.

Until that time comes again, there’s a new playground in the virtual world – Bar-United by Chivas Regal, where you can get together with friends and have a few drinks. Imagine Habbo Hotel but with alcohol.

source: FirstClasse

Here at Bar-United, you can lepak with your friends at one of the ‘tables’, which are are essentially group chats that have video calls and chat features, or play online games together. It’s a fun way to make new friends but if you don’t want strangers bugging you, you can make the table private.

If you need to quench your thirst (in real life), head over to Bar-Tails, featuring some of Klang Valley’s popular bars. Choose a bar, bartender and your cocktail of choice to be delivered straight to your doorsteps, or self-pickup at the bar.

source: Lifestyle Asia

You can also collect points, unlock achievements, redeem vouchers, bar hop and shop online. Or, if you feel like learning something new, Bar-Talks, offers live-streaming events by local and international personalities from different industries.

It’s also a cool way for introverts to ‘party’ without feeling overwhelmed by the dude who keeps requesting for the DJ to play ‘Harlem Shake’.

Bar-United officially opened its virtual doors to guests on 13 August. Since it’s Friday today, you know what to do.