Then and Now: ’90s Kids TV Shows

If you remember all of these shows, you’re a true ’90s kid. But do you know what’s going on with the stars of these shows now?

1. Teletubbies

They’ve got kids now, feel old yet?

How…? Let’s stop right here, the imagery coming up in my head is absolutely horrendous.

2. Art Attack

Oh my god, remember this guy? Well our old friend here is now busy rocking out with his heavy metal band—Marseille.

3. Teen Titans

Oh what we would give to hear Cyborg say “Boo-yah” one more time… and no, don’t give me s*** about this Teen Titans Go crap, that show is an abomination.

4. Bear in the Big Blue House

Leave me to cry in the corner, I miss this crew so bad.

The voice actress for the character Luna (the moon), Lynne Thigpen, abruptly passed away due to a cerebral haemorrhage. Thigpen’s death led to a three-year hiatus of Bear in the Big Blue House and ultimately the crew’s hearts weren’t in it anymore to go on.

5. Blue’s Clues

Steve: Hi, out there! It’s me, Steve! Have you seen Blue? My puppy?
Kids:There she is!
(Blue barks)
Steve: Come on in!

Am I the only one who remembers the intro to Blue’s Clues?

And was I the only one who really, really wanted Steve’s notebook and his really big crayons? No? Good.

Blue’s Clues has been used in a study on the positive effects of teaching ASL (American Sign Language) to hearing children, stating that it could lead to an increase of vocabulary skills and IQ, as well as improve interpersonal communication. Deaf children would feel more included and less isolated in society.

The show’s first direct-to-video production Blue’s Big Musical Movie (2000) featured legendary blind-pianist Ray Charles.

6. Bananas in Pyjamas

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1?”

“I think I am, B2.”



Those are some evil-looking eyes.

No. Just, no.


7. Drake and Josh

These boys will always have a special place in our hearts. But can we talk about Josh’s glow-up tho?

Our boy got himself hitched too, get me those tissues.

8. That’s So Raven

Girls, we all know we got our sass and attitude from our girl Raven over here. And we’re so glad that Raven is back, with kids. Again, feel old yet?

And let’s not forget how happy we are to see Chelsea and Raven reunite on screen again… and still stirring up trouble as they go.


9. Kim Possible

Kim was every boy’s first fictional darling, come on, she’s beautiful, has wit, saves the world and she’s a red-head, so what’s not to love? Kim Possible was and still is one the most badass heroines of all time, and we’re still butthurt that the show ended 10 years ago but psyched for the upcoming live action movie.


10. Rugrats

We all hated Angelica, there’s no denying it.

The showrunners have spoken about a revival of the Rugrats since 2012, and it looks like we’re getting close to seeing an actual 10th season of the series. Whether or not the reboot would address the changing of times or remain in the time-capsuled period of the original Rugrats, is yet unknown.

11. Barney & Friends

I recall watching this every morning before heading off to school, and being very fascinated that purple dinosaurs exist. If you look closely you’d probably notice 2 familiar faces—Selena Gomez on the yellow bouncy ball and Demi Lovato on the purple one. Oh how time flies…

David Joyner (Source: VICE)

Barney, or rather the actor who played the dinosaur from 1991-2001, David Joyner, is now a tantric sex guru.


Well, out of the 11 shows listed, just how familiar are you with them all? This list is definitely lacking a bunch of other shows, so comment on your favourite show below and bring us all on a trip down memory lane.