Celebrate the Launch of the Zhongshan Building, Your New Local Arts Hub

Once a row of rundown, derelict shophouses, the Zhongshan Building in Kampung Attap has been given a new lease of life through a partnership between the original owners of the building and OURArts Project.

The collaboration has seen the ’50s shophouses injected with the creative flow of several local artists and designers, and now the location is home to, as the people of the Zhongshan Building describe themselves, “… a bookshop, an exhibition space, design studios, a record store, a visual culture archive, a cafe, a bespoke tailor, a research institute, a silkscreen workshop, a music archive, a cafe, a library, a music collective-run space, a law firm, a gallery, a cinematheque, and even a grandma living room.”

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Tintabudi Bookstore at the Zhongshan Building

If you like the sound of what Zhongshan Building has to offer, join the tenants and other art-enthusiasts this weekend on 29 July ’17 from 5 to 8pm at the Open Studio a.k.a the Zhongshan Building Block Party event. The gathering will be a chance to experience all that the new creative hub has to offer with some of the most budding names in the local art scene, all nestled right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. From vinyl records, artisan coffee, pop-up art exhibitions, and curated libraries, the Zhongshan Building is setting out to foster a dynamic art community with several delectable offerings on the table.

Full itinerary below:

Keep up to date with the event details here, and follow the Zhongshan Building on Facebook for updates on what’s happening in the space.