XS Collective Do It Again

Singapore’s XS Collective is one busy hip hop bee. The XS blog will be releasing The Oddishen Theory by Oddxstaruka Jutsu’s album for free! They have even made a promotional trailer video for the release this weekend. Massive!


The Oddishen Theory by Oddxstaruka Jutsu album release campaign is coming this Saturday. Keep your eyes peeled to xscetera.blogspot.com to download your copy for free. Yes, free. The Oddishen Theory is a collection of experiences and artistic work, connected with the imaginary vision of Oddxstaruka Jutsu. It’s about self-discovery and the meanings of patterns. Deep…

Well, there’s one way to find out what the commotion is all about. Saturday, 18 July. xscetera.blogspot.com. Look for the free album download link. Check out the offical Oddishen Theory at www.oddxstaruka.com.