The World Is Your Stage…

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MTV is going global with a series of concerts across the world headlined by the biggest you-know-’ems. Every Friday night, get a front row seat to your favourite artists with MTV World Stage. Starting on 27th Feb with Coldplay live in Tokyo, the series continues with a “girls’ night in” with a double bill from the Pussycat Dolls and Katy Perry on 6th March. Upcoming concerts will feature Slipknot (13th March), Oasis (20th March), Franz Ferdinand (27th March), Duffy (29th May) and Kaiser Chiefs (5th June).

And if you’re bored with chart-toppers, MTV Push will catapult new groundbreaking acts to your living room in March ’09. Utilising straight video play and specially produced content for on-air, web and mobile, the first two bands to be featured on MTV Push are Metro Station ( and White Lies (

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