The Wknd Sessions

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The Wknd is a website that provides an all-you-need-to-know about the local independent music scene. Featuring underground artists to famous local musicians, every Saturday there’s also the Wknd Sessions; a collection of videos from artists who perform 3-4 songs live at a shoplot in Taman Tun.

This weekend I ventured out to check out one of these sessions; filmed all day, each session features 3-4 bands performing live who are afterwards interviewed. Earlier in the day, I unfortunately had just missed Bittersweet play! However, we managed to catch the last band performing, ska punk band Johnny Come Lately, with a lineup of horns, bass, a drummer and 2 guitarists, this local band was one I’d never heard before. Their musicianship was tight, and they had some infectious energy along with their performance.

Promoting the ever growing alternative and indie music scene, The Wknd Sessions in not restricted in any way to the type of music they help artists showcase. Personally, we reckon it’s a great forum for starving artists as well as for those who are well fed to get their music out there. Especially surprising is the quality of the musicians who perform on The Wknd Sessions. Each season of the Wknd Sessions has 10 episodes, featuring 10 individual bands/artists. They’re now running on season 4, and each performance showcases some serious talent. So check out for necessary info on homegrown talent, you can also check out prior live performances from I/Am/Rain, The Stoned Revivals, our very own homeboy Flica, Yuna, Tenderfist, Reza Salleh and Azmyl Yunor on previous Wknd Sessions episodes.

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