The Wknd Sessions Invade Indonesia



Malaysia’s music scene has grown and managed to grasp the likes of many, even finding its way across the grapevine into neighbouring waters, and the majority of this can be credited to Fikri Fadzil, founder and director of The Wknd Sessions. For those musically-inclined that have somehow been hiding in caves, The Wknd Sessions is an online show that debuts the not-so-famous, as well as the already-very-famous local artistes and bands, with the likes of music videos or interviews.

It is the hub for all things great locally made and produced in Malaysia. To further ignite the South East Asia music scene, The Wknd team has joined forces, yet again, to introduce an exciting extension of the show, which has been planted and fertilised in our neighbouring soils of Indonesia.

Titled The Wknd Sessions Indonesia, the season will debut ten acts from Indonesia’s independent music scene. We at JUICE cannot contain our excitement, especially with a track record of delivering only the best of the best, expect to discover enthralling new artists that capture hearts, be it in interviews, live performances or just the sound of a soothing melody. Don’t miss the pilot episode expected to be broadcasted in December 2013.

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