The Wknd Session is back for Season 4!

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Your online guide to the indie scene that’s happening right here in KL, the wknd, is back with season 4 of its online television show, The Wknd. Previously featuring some of our favourite acts like Yuna, Couple and Tenderfist to name a few, we’re looking forward to see what season 4 has to offer.

Put together by a team who loves music, with little experience in the TV biz, the Wknd Session fruit of labour fueled by the love of local music. Season 4 has already kicked off with episodes of David Knight and Narmi available on the website. Season 4 has 8 more episodes of homegrown goodness coming our way! Look out for episodes with They Will Kill Us All, Bittersweet, The Aggrobeats, Hello Is This The Band, Parttimelovers, and Johnny Comes Lately.

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