The Wknd Announces The Release of The Wknd Sessions Indonesia

Hightime Rebellion

Building a foundation from nothing is tough but it’s definitely a start and damn well worth the blood, sweat, and tears for something much bigger just waiting to blow up. The Wknd has been at the forefront of exposing independent artistes to the masses for the past five years and this new season marks the beginning of an era as they push their way through regional expansion into the Southeast Asian music scene. Taking their first step towards achieving this goal, The Wknd is proud to present to you The Wknd Sessions Indonesia, where each episode will feature one prominent Indonesian artiste, with one new music video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Lining themselves up for this inaugural season are Morfem, The Experience Brothers, Sigmun, L’Alphalpha, Hightime Rebellion, Danger Dope, Jirapah, Sore, Pandai Besi, and White Shoes & The Couples Company. At the pace this is going, we’re almost getting ahead of ourselves with excitement.

TWS Indonesia will be broadcasted on 8 November exclusively on