The Wknd Announces First Recipient of The Wknd Recording Fund

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Just about a week ago, we announced about The Wknd Recording Fund, which is a helpful programme created as an aid to all local aspiring artistes out there. Following the closing date of demos on 5 April 2013, The Wknd have found their first-ever recipient of the recording fund!

On her way to indie prominence is The Venopian Solitude, who stood out to the judges based on her diverse songwriting and individuality in her lyrics. Truth be told, we gave her a listen and see no surprise on why she was the chosen one — there is an outsider quality to her music. She might rock the ukelele in the picture above, but generic singer-songwriter she ain’t.

“We received submissions from some very talented people who make really great music. Ultimately though, we can only pick one, and we’ve chosen the artist who we felt can bring something new and interesting”, says Faiz Fadzil, Audio Director for The Wknd.

The recording, production and release of The Venopian Solitude’s existing original material will commence real soon. If you’re interested in outré lyrics & vocals and singer-songwriter acoustics by way of artsy-fartsy shenanigans, keep an open eye for the release of her single sometime in late April.

Congratulations, The Venopian Solitude!

In the meantime, check out one of her self-recorded track:

The Venopian Solitude’s single will be made available online via The Wknd Store and other online channels as well as various established media partnerships of The Wknd. Find out more about The Venopian Solitude on her Bandcamp  and like her on Facebook.