The Whitest Boy Alive @ Mist

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We’ve been big fans of The Whitest Boy Alive ever since watching the groovy, optical-illusion music video for ‘Golden Cage’. So catching them live on our own turf was a real treat!

While we’re also fans of frontman Erlend Øye’s other band, Kings of Convenience, we’ve always preferred Whitest Boy’s downtempo electro funk to KOS’ acoustic wallflower-pop mainly because we like to dance and we love synths and keyboards. Especially when the person tickling those ivories is Daniel Nentwig, who practically stole the show with his rockstar antics (who says you can run around with a keyboard?).

Together, the Norwegian-German quartet were as tight as reindeers on a leash and dished out hit after hit like ‘Keep A Secret’, ‘Courage’, ‘Burning’ and ‘Gravity’ from their entire discography of, urm, 2 albums. Early on, Erlend jokingly said, “We’re gonna play you some songs from our new album… and our old one!”

The band were probably Mist Club’s most notable indie act to have performed there to date. And big props to Mist for pulling off a decent live sound in a club setting. Also, our hearts went gooey when Erlend’s mother turned her camera on us and started asking us questions like “Did we enjoy the show?” and “What do you think of the band?” Talk about turning the tables!

The Whitest Boy Alive got a tan at Mist on 22 March 2011. For more diluted pigmentations, checkout our gallery.

Images Miranda Yeoh