The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights


2 years ago, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his best band ever, Jack White with his stage-sister/drummer Meg White decided to do an extensive tour of Canada. The rock duo not only played concerts in every province of Maple Syrupland but also had a string of same day, impromptu gigs at locations ranging from bowling alleys to boats to on board a city bus. Lucky for us, filmmaker and music video director Emmett Malloy was there to film it.

The documentary The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights debuted recently at the Toronto International Film Festival. It features candid scenes of Jack and Meg, including a scene where they eat raw caribou meat with Inuit elders.

Apart from that, it’s pure rocking through the icy tundra with a final powerful and moving tour stop performance that will defrost even the coldest of biatches.

A must watch if you’re a fan. Check out the trailer below.


And of course, Jack’s still on tour with his new supergroup The Dead Weather. Here’s a witty introduction to the band by the band members themselves. Check it!