The Weekend Japanese Film Show Pres. About the Pink Sky

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About the Pink Sky is about a teenager named Izumi who finds a wallet filled with cash, but instead of returning it to its owner, she figures she should give the money to someone who’s in need; namely a friend of hers who’s in a financial rut. She eventually hands over the wallet to its rightful owner — a wealthy man named Sato. But after he realises that a large sum of his money is missing, rather than asking Izumi to pay him back he suggests that she helps console a hospitalised friend of his by creating a newspaper that’d make readers happy as opposed to saddened by the state of the world. Judging by the synopsis, there’s lots of cheese and sugar in this movie’s recipe. We dig it.

Watch the trailer below:

Date Saturday 6 February ’16
Time 3pm
Venue Content Malaysia Pitching Centre

More information on the event here

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