Come Laneway Festival Singapore ’17, Stay at This Former Godown — The Warehouse Hotel

Repurposing architectural antiquity for modern, commercial purposes is nothing new to cities that still retain a lot of their colonial era leftovers – i.e. Penang, Ipoh – but for Singapore, a city-state decidedly metropolitan in every conceivable way, it isn’t exactly a staple. That is where the newly minted Warehouse Hotel comes in; one of the few buildings left along the Singapore River from the turn of the 20th century – a stretch notorious for its less-than-legal activities at the time – is now restored into a 37-room boutique hotel.

Its distinct façade – that of a former godown (archaic for port-based warehouse) – stands out in the Robertson Quay neighbourhood, a mostly residential and commercial area (F&B concerns automatically allayed). Interestingly, its inside opts for a sleek, contemporary look – more in line with the design of high-end service apartments with its exposed walls, polished wooden floors, and uber-minimalistic furniture that’s almost skeletal in construction. The six rooms available come with the obligatory hotel room amenities – minibar, wifi, toiletries (100% eco-certified here), and such – but the views vary; the River View Suite is as its name says, as are with its Mezzanine, Loft, and Room versions; however, the Warehouse Loft oversees the surrounding neighbourhood, with some offering only skylights, and for those who fancy the Oldboy experience, the Warehouse Room is completely windowless.

source: The Warehouse Hotel

But of course, being a historical building, The Warehouse Hotel does utilise its heritage, namely via its culinary programming as led by its Chef-Partner Willin Low. A venerable expert who’s a mod-sin pioneer and founder of one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Wild Rocket, his mark at the hotel’s flagship restaurant Po is in its updated local classics. Similarly, its craft cocktails reflect the two eras the godown had previous gone through – the peak of the Straits of Malacca trade route and its decade-long stint as a discotheque from the late ‘80s to early ‘90s.

While the hotel isn’t taking reservations till January ’17, if you’ve been wondering where to stay when you come down south for Laneway Festival Singapore ’17, they’ve partnered with the festival for three packages available exclusively through At HKD5000, Package 1 comes with two (2) tickets to the festival and two (2) nights stay at the Warehouse Sanctuary for two (2) pax; then, at HKD5680, Package 2 comes with two (2) tickets to the festival and two (2) nights stay at the River View Room for two (2) pax; finally, at HKD6380, Package 3 comes with two (2) tickets to the festival and two (2) nights stay at the River View Loft for two (2) pax. However, these are available for only a limited period only – and do remember that tickets for Laneway is selling out fast, so make your reservations soon!

source: The Warehouse Hotel

320 Havelock Road,
Robertson Quay,
Singapore 169628.
T: +65 6828 0000
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E: [email protected]

Laneway Festival Singapore x The Warehouse Hotel packages are only available via for a limited period.