The Wall Must Come Down

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JUICE likes it when musicians care about the environment or a foreign country’s welfare. Kids, it’s always good to stand up for what you believe in. Take this man here. Roger Waters of the band Pink Floyd wants one less brick in the wall. In fact, he would like to see the whole wall being torn down… the Israel’s West Bank wall, to be precise. He is currently touring Israel’s separation barrier in the West Bank refugee camp of Aida in Bethlehem.

In an interview with Associated Press Roger Waters denounced the wall as “a land grab by Israel”, said “it must come down” and promised to hold a concert on that spot if it does. If or when that happens, JUICE will definitely be there. Oh wait, it’s a no-go zone (for now). Gosh darn it.

Just in case, if you are one of them wee young uns’, let JUICE fill you in on the details if you are in the dark on Pink Floyd. To keep things simple (this is a mouthful), this man was composer, bassist and former singer of legendary band Pink Floyd, who had a legendary album called The Wall, which had songs like ‘Another Brick In The Wall Part I’ and ‘Another Brick In The Wall Part II’. The albums were written about the atrocities of war. If you want to show off to your friends on your Pink Floyd knowledge, you could prolly get away with it by dropping the word “walls” every time you mention “Pink Floyd”. So genius this trick, you could be called ol’ skool’ by your clueless friends. It could even go into Poseur’s Guidebook 101.

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