A Whale of a Time with The Wailers @ Hard Rock Hotel Penang!

Last Sunday 19 June, reggae fans flocked to Hard Rock Hotel Penang to catch Jamaican reggae, ska and rocksteady band, The Wailers. Packed with over 1000 die-hard fans, The Wailers played at the Sand Stage (Poolside) for a one-night-only, special performance. Is this love? YES!

Images Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Considering that the whole pool area of HRH could hardly contain the capacity of the audience, the hotel managed to open up their private beach area for this full-on concert. From what we heard, people were packed all the way to the edge of the beach, with the waves closing in. Luckily, HRH is a 5-star hotel with accessible amenities (and bars), so no one had to pee in the sea or travel far for a drink.

The band delivered their signature invigorating, energising music and hit singles like ‘Get Up Stand Up’ and ‘I Shot the Sheriff’, driving the dreadlocked crowd wild over the course of their 90-minute set and encore.

Unfortunately, we at JUICE could not make it for the performance as we were busy preparing for our birthday issue (and party!) happening next month. But thanks to Hard Rock Hotel, we are now glowering with jealousy with these snapshots of The Wailers and the crazy time everyone who was lucky enough to go, had… Check ’em out!