The Vivo V5s: Now Back In Black

The Vivo V5s is getting a new matte-black colour variant added to its current versions in gold and rose-gold. Sleek, smooth, and mysterious, black has long since been a colour associated with the higher ends of life – think Batman and freshly-pressed tuxedos. The Vivo V5s itself truly lives up to its new association with the colour, with specifications that would make even the pickiest of smartphone users drool.

Under the hood, the Vivo V5s is powered by a power-efficient 64-bit Mediatek MT6750 octa core processor. Its high-performance Mali-T860 MP2 GPU is built for mobile gaming, and as sleek as the phone’s black exterior would suggest. While black is also a colour suggestive of a deep, dark void, the Vivo V5s is hardly lacking in memory. With 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage that can be further expanded with a microSD card for up to 256GB of storage capacity, you won’t be left wanting for more space to store your meticulously-edited photos of your own personal Batcave, or your important documents from work and home alike. The Vivo V5s is also running the latest FunTouch OS 3.0, which is based on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system, and guarantees an impressively smooth performance all round.

Professional DSLR cameras are also only available in black, and the Vivo V5s certainly does a good job of moonlighting as an equally competent camera. Take the perfect selfies with the new matte black Vivo V5s and its 20 megapixel front camera, complete with IMX 376 sensor, an amazingly wide aperture of up to f/2.0, and an updated Selfie Softlight that creates the lighting effects of a professional photography studio. The Vivo V5s also comes with a new ‘Groufie’ feature, which allows for panoramic panning with the front camera in order to squeeze in even that last person in the back of your group photo. Black is the colour of beauty, and the Vivo V5s in black is a phone that will capture its users’ beauty in all lighting conditions.

Interested in listening to your favourite tunes instead? The Vivo V5s will serve as your own personal subwoofer, replete in matte black just like a speaker in a concert hall. Achieve Hi-Fi perfection with the AK4376 Digital Analog Converter behind that glossy black exterior, which delivers not only unparalleled sound quality and clarity, but also offers the best performance when hooked up to headphones or portable audio devices.

The Vivo V5s is a phone built to match its impressive black sheen. It boasts sleek edges, its side panel and back meet in a seamless curved edge, and its cover curves in a perfect U, making it enjoyable to hold – and to behold. Black is the colour always on the cutting edge of fashion, and has been symbolic of otherworldly glamour since time immemorial. Owning a brand new, matte black edition of vivo V5s will surely elevate you above all your other peers.

Unsure about the price of eternal beauty? Don’t worry, it won’t cost you your soul! For the whole of June, trade in your old but usable mobile phone (smartphone or otherwise) at any Vivo concept stores and get an instant rebate of RM100 off a purchase of the Vivo V5, V5Plus or Y66! As long as you can prove that your mobile phone is still functional (able to turn on, at least), the Vivo V5Plus Matte Black Edition can be yours for only RM1599. Grab it while stocks last, and stay classy and cool in black.

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