The Used: ‘I Come Alive’

The Used fans, unite and celebrate! After not hearing anything new from them since early in 2010, then catching them live at last year’s Rockaway, The Used has finally thrown us a bone with their new single, ‘I Come Alive’ from their fourth album, Vulnerable (due for release in March). ‘I Come Alive’ is definitely a different direction for The Used, and if it’s any indication for the rest of the album, then we can be expecting a more upbeat, hopeful sound from the band. The song includes a sampling of dubstep in the second verse, which was quite surprising, but fitting for the track.

Some fans are disappointed, saying that the single leans towards pop more than the band’s signature raw sound, while others are really digging the new sound. Admittedly, diehard The Used fans will probably take a while to get used to the happiness of the song, but it is quite a breath of fresh air and it’s nice to see the band trying something new without completely compromising their punk ferocity. They’re not selling out, that’s for sure!

Click on the video below to hear ‘I Come Alive’ and make your own conclusions!