The Used for Rockaway 2011

If you have sold off your Rockaway Fest tickets, you’re going to be sorry because Rockaway has announced their final International line-up! Adding to the list, with Story of The Year and All Time Low is Utah based band The Used!

Rockaway Fest 2011 is all set to be the best local rock festival we’ve had in ages! Sure, they’ve had a few tumultuous moments with their lineup changes but hey, can’t blame em’ for keeping us music fans on our toes, eh? With All Time Low, Story of The Year and now, The Used in their final international line up, all we’re hearing is “Dashboard and Sum 41 who?”

Jokes aside, it’s really unfortunate that Dashboard Confessional had to postpone their debut to the beginning of 2012 due to the cancellation of Australia’s Soundwave Revolution Festival while Sum 41’s frontman Deryck Whibley recently injured is back during a show in August. What can you do about it ey? We have to say though, Rockaway’s final line-up is looking pretty awesome! So here we are, we present to you, Livescape pres Rockaway 2011’s lineup. Drum roll, please!

International Bands
Story of The Year
The Used
All Time Low

Local Bands
One Buck Short
Love Me Butch
Kyoto Protocol
The Will Kill Us All
Pop Shuvit with Project EAR
Deja Voodoo Spells
Massacre Conspiracy
Tres Empre
Oh Chentaku
Dimi Michi
Twilight Actiongirl

Rockaway Fest 2011 is one event you shouldn’t miss out!

Event details
Date 8 October 2011
Time 12pm
Tickets RM68 early bird, RM88 regular price
Venue Carpark A, Stadium Bukit Jalil

For more info, visit Tickets can be purchased by logging on to