The Urban Malaysian Dictionary

Been getting confused between your fong fei keis and your ta fei keis? Well we’ve been there, and it’s embarrassing. So we’re pretty glad to see writer/filmmaker Amir Muhammad bridging the culture gap for us with the Urban Malaysian Dictionary.

Listing down all the slangs, lingos and profanities you’d commonly hear as pretty uniquely Malaysian, the space also invites other readers to contribute their own favourites, and we plan to suggest a couple of our own too.

The current list is pretty extensive as it is, with it being an expansion of Amir’s essay from his contribution to New Malaysian Essays 1 (which he edited) entitled ‘Unwelcome Words’ and we’ve been picking up new stuff to shout at people (our favourites right now are nokhorom and serbanista) but we’re sure there’s more that people can add to it.

If you’re looking to improve your vernacular, head on down to