The Ultimate Guess Malaysia Party @ Double Tree

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The theme of the night was ‘Glamourously GUESS’, and glamourous it was. Partying on a Monday night was odd, but since it was a holiday the day after, why not? The event was held at Double Tree Hotel and the walk to the ballroom was definitely glamourous with red carpet and ushers. We grabbed a glass of champagne and some grubs before mingling the night away at the holding area just right outside the ballroom.

I was given the red pin pass for the VIP section, but stayed down with the white pin pass peeps cos it was closer to the runway and more room for sure. I didn’t quite understand the separation. The show started shortly after we were let into the ballroom, but we waited for about an hour before the doors were opened.

There were familiar celebrities rocking the runway and they included Elaine Daly, Deborah Henry, Amber Chia, Odette Jacqmin, Natasha Hudson, Erra Fazira, Nurul and a few others. Supermodel and Hanger SS10 covergirl Azura graced the runway as well and probably looked the best.

Right after the Guess fashion show, Malaysia’s hip hop princess Mizz Nina took the stage and performed her hit single ‘What You Waiting For’. Nina looked so good and got us all pumped up for the rest of the night. Highlight of the night was American pop singer Shontelle and she took the stage right after with a couple of tracks. She was a little too bland for my liking unfortunately.

Our darling DJ Goldfish took the decks and got us all on our feet with a fun mix of his usual blend of hip hop and pop. Some familiar faces seen that night were Joe Flizzow, Crazy Carleed from Phlowtron, Serena C, Henry Golding, Hansen Lee, Justin Tang from Materiel, Sueann Chong from Tongue in Chic and a whole lot more. Even Floor Fever was there and I managed to bust some moves with them, which got me panting for the rest of the night. Shontelle’s DJ took over the decks too. It’s unfortunate the music that night was quite repetitive and pop, but it was still a great night despite of that. It has to be the drinks. Hic!

The Ultimate Guess Malaysia Party was held at Double Tree Hotel on Monday, 6 December 2010. More snaps head over here.

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