Blast Your Socks Off This July at The Syok Rock Show

Tired of the dearth of indie rock gigs in Kuala Lumpur? Hungry for some great rock n’ roll from closer to home? Well, look no further. Zazz Productions’ annual celebration of the best local indie rock artistes returns this month at The Bee, Publika. Featuring an amazing lineup with some of the best acts to grace the Malaysian indie music scene, as well as two special guest bands from Vietnam and Germany, The Syok Rock Show will blast it to the back row with blistering guitars, pounding drums, and riffs that will have moshpits forming in no time.

More about the lineup:

Shh… Diam!

Queer band Shh… Diam! never back down from a challenge, and neither does their music. This feisty foursome find fans wherever they perform, playing rolling riffs reminiscent of smooth ‘80s rock as well as harder-edged, guttural punk. Strong advocates for gender equality and lashing out against discrimination of all kinds, this is the band for you if you like your music both catchy and sociopolitically pertinent.

Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men

Unlike the Powerpuff Girls, Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men were made from a combination of psychedelic rock and American folk music, with a little spicy sambal acting as their Chemical X. Get ready for a set bursting with vintage flower power vibes, as well as raw talent from members Billie Blue, Soheil Sanjabi, and Icco and Reuben (also from stellar local band Cats In Love). These guys will have you swaying to the music faster than you can say throwback.


Kaya are a band that take no prisoners and pull no punches. Made of five fun-loving guys from Kuala Lumpur, Kaya never put on the same show twice, and have hinted that they may even be inclined to break their legs onstage if it would provide their crowd with some entertainment. Their set at The Syok Rock Show probably won’t be this violent, but searing guitars and a setlist that you can really rock out to are, of course, already guaranteed.

Kyoto Protocol

If you know anything at all about the Malaysian rock scene in the past years, you’d probably know about Kyoto Protocol. One of Malaysia’s biggest rock bands and best exports, Kyoto Protocol have made a name for themselves both locally and regionally, with their songs storming the local radio station charts and them playing opening sets for huge international acts. Even though they’re no strangers to huge stages, they’re returning to their roots at a small bar like The Bee for an intimate set that will undoubtedly have the crowd headbanging all night long.

Special guests:

The Swipes

The Swipes are a Frankfurt-based band who play hard-hitting rock music, sounding like the lovechild of The Strokes (circa the First Impressions of Earth era) and Queens of the Stone Age. They play The Syok Rock Fest as part of their Malaysian tour this July – be sure to catch these guys before they head back home!

James and the Van Der Beeks

A famous soap opera actor’s name is hardly what you’d expect to hear when looking up hardcore punk bands, but then again, James and the Van Der Beeks from Vietnam will have you expecting the unexpected. Combining Rage Against the Machine’s slinky brand of rock with their own sharper edge, this four-piece is nothing less than a worthy addition to a lineup of equally talented musicians.

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