The Swagger Salon: Arrogance with Panache

If you live in Klang Valley or Penang, there’s a high chance of encountering someone wearing a LANSI fitted cap. There’s also a high chance of you not knowing just who is behind them.

Images The Swagger Salon

Wonder no more. Local streetwear label The Swagger Salon is behind the ubiquitous yet elusive cap. Run by founder Schizzow, Alicia, Naj (of Traxx FM fame), Jaze and Ah Kan, The Swagger Salon is an online swag shop (sweat shop, get it, get it?) whose priority is not on mass production and availability of their products, but instead the exclusivity of owning them. They are very LANSI like that (ed’s note: Lansi is Cantonese for arrogance).

True to this ethos, The Swagger Salon has only ever commissioned 2 shops to carry their products. Regardless of their stubbornness to promote LANSI to the mass market, the caps sold out in a matter of just two months.

Realising there’s a demand for the brand, The Swagger Salon recently widened their range of apparels with a collection of LANSI-branded tees. Much like their fitted caps, the t-shirts sold like hot cakes. And again, just like the caps, they are only available in limited quantities.

This September, they are set to launch their first non-LANSI branded apparel, the similarly Hokkien slang-named TAIKOR t-shirts. Just like their previous releases, the tees only come in 50 pieces. Aside from that, The Swagger Salon is also planning their very own eyewear collection, Swagger Shades, with the upcoming release of 432. Not forgetting the piece of apparel that brought their name up, there will also be a new cap collection in the form of LANSI Snapbacks. All tentatively to be launched sometime late 2011.

Currently The Swagger Salon‘s products include LANSI fitted caps (red/black/purple/blue), LANSI t-shirts (red/black), and TAIKOR t-shirts (black/white).

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