The Suzukis: Reasons For Leaving (Deltasonic)

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Hailing from Wigan, punk rockers The Suzukis released their 2nd single ‘Reasons For Leaving’ recently from their upcoming debut album. United to the lineage of rock and roll bands with the same primeval energy and visceral power such as At The Drive-In and The Stooges, The Suzukis are stirring up a storm to reignite your faith in rock n roll.

Matching the sullen boredom and rebellious pent-up anger of battered, small-town Britain with a fistful of big anthems, The Suzukis might just be the new British band for the estranged youth to embrace for a long while. Following the release of the lead single ‘Built In’, ‘Reasons For Leaving’ is a song born out of dead-end jobs and tough times. The track swaggers with barbed, punk menace and a chorus thrashing its way into your head.

The Suzukis’ are influenced by some well-known bands namely Radiohead and Nirvana; which is rather obvious. The rock quartet consists of frontman Chris Veasey on vocals, guitarist Adam Bamford, Robert Warnes working that overdrive bass and Stuart Robinson on stomping drum beats.

LISTEN TO: ‘Reasons For Leaving’
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Download ‘Reasons For Leaving’ for free, click here!
Music videos for the 2 singles are out, so here’s for you to check out:

The Suzukis – ‘Built In’


The Suzukis – ‘Reasons For Leaving’


Release that destructive anger at and they’ll give you reasons to leave love songs behind for angry, heavy tunes.

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