The Surecut Kids @ The Republic Bar

Expectations were at all time high for Republic. 100% new on looks, the invite had Aussie hip hop DJ whiz kids, The Surecut Kids, down to spin at the re-opening. It’s sister venue Laundry has achieved much for the the local indie scene. Could little sister Republic do the same for the local hip hop scene? Republic certainly were all out out to impress with capital letters – even resident turntablist and repeat DMC champ DJ Fuzz gave the joint his seal of approval, saying “This is where the party’s at”. So JUICE sent Miranda to Sunway, to see what the fuzz was all about….

Okay so I got lost on the way to Republic in the maze that is Sunway Pyramid and after 15 minutes of aimless walking I finally arrived with a forehead that could have read “Impress me, b***ches.” in neon red. To my defense It was really quiet outside and I couldn’t help feeling unimpressed. Until…

Stepping inside it was a totally different world. Suddenly I was walking on an actual runway (yes, they have kept it). The music was an even bigger head turner. The Surecut Kids were on  (and on time!), Sublime’s ‘What I Got’ blaring from the speakers like a block party goin’ on. I was impressed already. Republic mission accomplished.

Judging from the girlies up on the floor I wasn’t alone. The music selection was top notch with The Surecut Kids dropping classics from Naughty By Nature and SWV, to a mad TLC x Justice mash up and lashings of electroclash. Yes, it was a solid set and I didn’t have to be off my face to appreciate it. Revelation.

On a side note, the ‘experienced used-to-be bartender for 2 years’ who was my date was really impressed with the Sex On The Beach cocktail I ordered up from the bar and that is a rare, rare compliment. Republic does it again! An hour or two later, the place was packed out and I was polishing the parquet with my shoes. Success in the suburbs. Now that’s saying something!

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