The Super Luckies: Taking The Michael (Tape)


Enter Super Luckies with their artfully crafted and danceable debut single Taking The Michael a savvy, accessible blend of styles that scream of a misspent musical youth growing up in the 80s.

We live in a world where our artists are either one thing, or the other. New rave, new soul, indie, urban, rockabilly, electro… pop. There seem to be but a few who manage to blur these lines with ease. With two fingers up to the incongruous political classes, and two more pointed at the apathy that bolsters them, Taking The Michael is an ever-poignant and acerbic piece of social comment, floating elegantly over a delicious mixture of styles and melodies.

A dynamic and versatile six-piece band, Super Luckies continue to wow London’s gig goers with frontman Steve Payne’s soulful vocals, Eddie Hoffman’s dub bass lines, Jesse Beaton on the blues guitars, drummer Don Bannister, John Martin playing saxophone together with trombone player Yohanna Weber. Super Luckies are making musicianship cool again!

Listen to: ‘Taking The Michael’
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