The Sufis: Reviving Psychedelic Rock

Here’s a band for you to check out. Coming straight out of what seems to be US’s rock music capital, Nashville, The Sufis is a breath of fresh psychedelic air (heheh, get it?), with organs reminiscent of The Doors and a melody style that weaves between The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

You hear their musical influences here and there, but that’s not to say that they don’t have a sound of their own. They do. And we think it’s pretty badass. We’d suggest listening to ‘Wake Up’ (which is a limited tape release under BurgerRecords), as the introduction song to The Sufis. Make sure you have some tissue handy though, because when the tremolo vocals kick in you’ll be creaming your pants. Here’s hoping to a psy revival.

You can head on over to their SoundCloud page to listen to more of The Sufis here. And if you want to keep up with them on Facebook, check them out here.