The Strange Boys

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It’s not 1969 and there’s definitely no war in Vietnam anymore but the vintage garage sounds of Texan band The Strange Boys shout for revolution, or more beer. Born out of boredom in 2001, the band started out as the punk duo of Ryan Sambol (vocals/guitar/harmonica) and Matt Hammer (drums), who were in 8th grade at the time. By 2009 the band had become a sextet, following the addition of Ryan’s older bro Philip to the band. With a saxophonist wailing in the background over thumping blues beats and an additional vocalist, The Strange Boys slur their way through incomprehensible yet clearly rowdy jams. Coming off like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah crossed with 60s garage, this is a band that doesn’t need to try to sound old school to be cool.

Cowards die a million deaths. Listen to ‘Be Brave’ (Rough Trade) at

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