The Spirit (Latest Movie from Frank Miller)

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Based on the classic 1940s comic strip by Will Eisner, The Spirit is an action-adventure-romance story told by genre-twister Frank Miller (creator of 300 and Sin City). The tale revolves around rookie cop, Denny Colt (Gabriel Macht), who mysteriously returns from the dead as The Spirit to battle crime from the shadows of Central City. His arch-nemesis, the Octopus, played by the enigmatic Samuel L. Jackson, is hell-bent on destroying The Spirit’s beloved city in his quest to obtain his own version of immortality. The Spirit pursues this cold-blooded killer through Central City’s gritty underbelly in his trademark business suit, striking redtie, fedora hat and, of course, his domino mask that hides his identity. And since masked men have always been popular with the ladies, our hero encounters beautiful women at every turn, who either want to seduce, love or kill him (why can’t they ever make up their minds?)
Frank Miller incorporates visually stunning minimalistic colour effects as last seen in 300 and Sin City to bring this comic-crime caper to life. Catch The Spirit on a sinister, gut-wrenching ride and be witness to the legend of a hero who is born, murdered and born again.