The Smiles and Frowns

Ever noticed how cartoon music is instantly recognisable even after years of not watching them? Or how there’s a certain quirkyness to the sound that goes with moving images of a cat chasing a mouse with a rolling pin? The Smiles and Frowns know how to combine the characteristic of this with musical influences of the 60s.

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the eclectic duo of Adam Mattson (vocals, instruments) and Christopher James (instruments) are fast becoming indie folk’s best-discovered treasure. With a creative mix of psych and folk that points at The Beatles’ White Album, Syd Barrett and California sun-soaked pop, the duo have recently released an 8-track mini album that, according to Adam, was designed as a series of “haunted train-ride songs, children’s theme music songs and psychedelic science-fiction songs”. But don’t take Adam’s word for it. Just hit up their MySpace and listen to the tale of a boy called ‘Cornelius’ who communicates with animals, plants and bugs with a magical flute.

Follow the magic dragon to and listen to ‘Cornelius’ (The Peppermint Hill & Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings).