The SIGIT: Hertz Dyslexia (FFWD)

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The SIGIT (short for Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent) may have the coolest and longest sounding name JUICE has heard in a while, but it’s their music that speaks the truth of rock n roll. All you need are a bunch of chords and a devil-may-care attitude and no one carries this ethos more stylishly than this Indon garage rock quartet. You can just imagine them climbing out of the gutters to perform in some sweaty bar in the 70s. Hertz Dyslexia is their first proper album. It opens with an easy and sleazy riff on ‘Soul Sister’ and continues to hit hard through the rest of the album. A bonus live DVD shows their raw power and fanatical home-base support. You only live once, right?

Listen to: ‘Let It Go’
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