The Shins: ‘Simple Song’ Video Premiere

What’s that majestic sound in the distance? It’s the sound of how awesome JUICE is. American indie-rock band The Shins are premiering their video for the new single ‘Simple Song’ in Malaysia exclusively – and we really do mean, exclusively – on JUICE! Awwww yeah! This is the first track off their fourth album, Port Of Morrow.

‘Simple Song’ is a pleasant return to the sound that attracted fans to The Shins in the first place. It’s been nearly 5 years since The Shin’s released their last album, Wincing The Night Away, and even though frontman James Mercer’s project Broken Bells with Danger Mouse kept fans from going hungry, it simply wasn’t the same.

Thankfully, after a long, long drought, The Shins are back! We’re happy to be the first to let you watch the new video for ‘Simple Song’. Enjoy!

Port of Morrow will be out on 20 March. More of The Shins here.