The Secret Drama Party @ Palate Palette

Who doesn’t want to be a movie star? We at JUICE are pretty much groupies in our field of preference. In fact, put us alongside anyone remotely famous and we start acting like little girls – giggling, begging and wanting more. So when the chance was offered to us to be a part of the mise en scene at The Secret Drama Party, we were in!

Since I was representing JUICE, I jumped at the opportunity to stand out by wearing my brightest outfit which consisted of a neon yellow Nike top, red shoes and purple cardy. Some say shocking, I say whateva! Although we didn’t know much about the party – it was after all a secret one - we left the house without any apprehension. We like a bit of mystery. So equipped with the date, time and venue, we set out full force to Palate Palette but then it started to rain. Bummer, but all good, I had a bright pink brolly to match.

When we got there, there was a camera crew (it said on the flyer that they were BAFTA-winning filmmakers) outside shooting a lady in a kebaya and a dude in casual clothes. As I tried to move in on the scene (I was later politely told to step aside) one couldn’t help but notice the strange crowd. What happened to all the usual suspects?

Disregarding the slight drizzle, people were actually eating their BBQ al-fresco style. Kind of romantic, but I wasn’t taking any chances of getting my coif damp. Since I was feeling oxtail sheppard’s pie, I decided to give the barbie a miss, despite my waitress trying to convince me to have that instead. Lazy girl, now go whip me up my meal!

Food shovelled down, the organisers were asking people to go upstairs to the party, but first we had to sign a waiver form stating that we allow them to shoot us. Erm, this can’t be pornography in the making could it? Still, there was no harm checking it out. The floor upstairs which was empty earlier was now brimming with people. CosmicSpaceMunkys (Joey G and Bobo) was on the decks rousing the crowd with electro house and there it was – the video camera. We were asked to dance like it was 1999 but pretending to be raving mad when you only had a glass of watermelon juice doesn’t help your acting debut. And plus, girls in tight, short dresses were pushing me aside. Meow!

While we danced, the abovementioned couple – the actors that were being shot earlier, looked out of place against a bunch of mock ravers like us but that was till a little person came into the scene (“oh wait it’s a kid, quick hide the alcohol and ciggies!”). It was then that I felt weirded out, sweaty and tired from all those dance moves I worked up. What was a kid doing here in a place like this? anyways what a night, if we only knew what the whole film was about and hopefully you can look out for a JUICE-ian!

Check out more snaps of the party here.