The Rosebuds: Loud Planes Fly Low (Merge)

A marriage is a funny thing. You can watch it progress or disintegrate before your very eyes, but imagine it translated into an album? Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard of The Rosebuds began as bright eyed newlyweds when their first power pop album The Rosebuds Make Out was released in 2001, so it was interesting to see how their latest effort Loud Planes Fly Low would play out, since this was their first release after their divorce.

Kelly and Ivan insisted on working together solely as band mates and with a failed marriage as their new muse, Loud Planes Fly Low is a dreamy, melancholic album full of raw, honest lyrics of what was, what could’ve been and what hurts the most. Ivan leads all but one track, ‘Woods’, where Kelly headlines. The lyrics are heart wrenching as in ‘Cover Ears’ where Ivan painfully sings “I think about you, do you know? / Who’s gonna love if I go?” while in ‘Worthwhile’ he sings how “We could go on wishing we did it right”. You might have expected a louder, angrier album but instead The Rosebuds created a dreamy, lush, easygoing album with lots of instrumentation – arguably their best record yet.

Listen to: ‘Cover Ears’ ‘Limitless Arms’ ‘Second Bird of Paradise’
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