The Rhaman: Lagu Satu Tahun EP 2009 (I-Bands)

Malacca seems to be rising, together with Ipoh, as a hub for Malay indie rock. I-bands championed 6-piece The Rhaman are a prime example of the brimming talent within this scene. Inspired by 60s rock n roll, local music legends and 90s alt rock, the band has been gigging around the country since 2005, bringing their own sweet blend of indie pop to the ears of bored kids. The guitar duo of Adik and Hafidz pull off some pretty neat riffs ala The Strokes while Abong completes the texturing with some ol skool organs. Vocalist Yuyun sounds as enchanting as she looks, although some might be put off if they’re not used to that Save Ferris or No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani crooning style. For those who are new to The Rhaman, this 6-song EP is a wonderful introduction to their twee world. Watch out for a line from The Beatles at the end of ‘Tahu Kau Tahu’.