The Return of CosmicSpaceMunkys

Awhile ago, JUICE met up with Joey G to talk about his radio show on Capital FM called Turn It Up with DJ Gabriel (click here for that meeting). Being the leading voice in our local music scene that JUICE is, it was only natural that we got the downlow from these Heineken Thirst 2006 winners – CosmicSpaceMunkys (Joey G and Bo). Yes, they are coming back! But were they ever away? We find out what happened and what to expect from CSM’s new beginning.

Joey joked that despite the fact that last year was the year of the monkey, this is the real year for the ‘munkys’. Joey told JUICE, “Here’s the deal, we took a hiatus. It came to a point where (Bo) went down one road, and I took another. Now the roads have merged together again.” So was it a fallout? Joey explains, “The reason why people fallout like this is because of passion. You get upset about some things and it’s a learning process where I go do my own thing and we both grow as an artist separately. Now we feel more confident with who we are and we’ve come together again. No one is higher than anyone, so that’s cool.”

One half of CSM, Joey G was at a photoshoot for Louis Vuitton with a couple of our local celebs like Reshmonu.  In fact, the local R&B singer asked if Joey would like to do a remix on a song he just released. The trailblazing DJ obliged and Reshmonu loved the track! Which led to the next question, “What say you if we do a dance album?” What is now set to be a collabo between the DJing frontliner and Reshmonu, both have big visions with the project especially with local Malay music presented in dance music. They envision percussionists and big set-ups for performances. Nice.

JUICE thinks it is going to be an exciting project that will pave the way towards more possibilities of collaborations like this in Malaysia, be it for the dance music scene or for Reshmonu as a crossover. JUICE sees this in quickly becoming a statement for the music scene especially when dance music is already starting to takeoff in the commercial side of music here in KL.

This is going to be an exciting release, especially coming from the man who comes out with very exciting music videos, Reshmonu, and CosmicSpaceMunkys as they team up for the album. The guys are currently working on 10 tracks for the album (although this may change), and will include a Disc Two with remixes of the songs by other producers. It will be done in a way where DJs will be able to play it in the clubs and the remixers themselves would like as well. That’s what they will be trying to achieve.

On another note, one half of CSM, Bo, has got connections with Ambassador Records. Through that, he sent out some records they made as CosmicSpaceMunkys and Ambassador liked it. Some of those tracks were unreleased tracks from when they were CSM. This got them naturally pumped up for a comeback.

Trust me, we’ll be hearing a whole lot more from CosmicSpaceMunkys this year and we just can’t wait!

CosmicSpaceMunkys’ site is still under ‘disbanded’ mode at the moment, but will hopefully return all swanked up. Get on to find out if CSM will emerge stronger than before. Otherwise, you know you’ll need to stay hooked to for the latest updates.