The Red Bull Music Academy in Malaysia

Up-and-coming producers, vocalists, instrumentalists and DJs, heads up! Red Bull Music Academy is touching down in Malaysia, and they want YOU. So, how do you get into the Red Bull Music Academy? Thank goodness you have JUICE to help you out!

The Red Bull Music Academy is a symposium of music and knowledge, fully committed to providing a platform for the musically inclined to shape their future. The Red Bull initiative has been carried on for the past 15 years, equipping youngsters with the inspiration, networking skills and basic know-how on building their talents up from the ground. Music makers – aspirational and inspirational alike – are gathered from over 30 countries to come together in a new city each year, where they swap creative visions in lectures, studio sessions and participate in signature concerts and club nights.

This year, the Red Bull Music Academy will run from 30 September till 2 November, and is open for anyone whose birthday is on of before 30 September 1991.  Two groups of applicants will be selected to represent a broad spectrum of music styles and levels of experience. Applicants will have to fill out an extensive questionnaire that covers every aspect of your personal life – what time you usually wake up, how much time you spend in the shower, what is your favourite sleeping position, when is the last time you were on Redtube…. No, we’re just pulling your leg. The questionnaire must be submitted together with an audio CD of your mad skills, which can range from songwriting skills to digital beatmakers to composers, producers, instrumentalists, engineers, DJ synth designers.. you get the drift.

Once the application period is over, an international group of producers, label heads, music journalists and Academy couch team members will carefully listen and peruse each and every application to single out the best of the best. Once they have separated the wheat from the chaff, selected participants will be invited to attend workshops and sessions in New York. Oh, we forgot to mention: the Red Bull Music Academy covers all costs of flights and accommodations.

Now, before you start scrambling around writing down dates and things you have to do before you apply, check this out: the Red Bull Music Academy wants to give you a tiny taste of what the workshops will be like by bringing you something awesome. Combining a workshop with a live show, British super-producer and underground sonic terrorist The Bug will be stirring up a storm here in KL with dancehall MC Daddy Freddy at Milk. Click here to check out the event details.

What’s that we hear? The sound of you begging us to tell you where to sign? Log onto to find out more. Deadline for all applications is 2 April 2012.