The Rebel Scum’s Lost Chamber

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Remember Malaysia’s no-nonsense hip hop’s group The Rebel Scum? They recently released this dope video called ‘The Lost Chamber’, a song produced by group member Illson. The video is produced by Saph, co-produced by Uzair Sawal and TRS member WordsManifest with director Sudin Anderson, director of photography by Saifuddin Musa of Rumah Merah. ‘The Lost Chamber’ video is gritty and done tastefully. And the beat to the song could actually pass off as a Wu-Tang Clan joint even! We spoke to WordsManifest about the video.

First of all, where have you guys been?
First there was that international hostage situation, then the banking crisis, and right now we’re working on tracks for Justin Bieber’s underground rap album, Higher Brain Functions of the Easily Convinced. We’ve got Jin Hackman, SSK, Drake and The RZA on that, it’s going to be so awesome you guys.

Uh huh… Is this video release leading to a new The Rebel Scum album?
Pretty much everything TRS does invariably leads to a TRS album, but time keeps on slippin’. We’re having fun putting out songs at the moment. The Rogue Squadron is up to a lot of things; The Rebel Scum is just one small part of it.

What’s the concept of the video?
Sudin Anderson is the new Stanley Kubrick. He brought to life a simple story where Illson, who produced ‘The Lost Chamber’, is the only real person in the video. He imagined the rest of us up, along with the song. I think he pulled Bryan Burger’s Excessive Records store, the Defy shirts, and the LANSI cap out of thin air, too. Illson was just a confused guy wearing a really bad@ss New Era in an abandoned construction site. The Lost Chamber. It’s creepy. Also that’s how I shave my head.

How long did it take to produce this video?
Exactly 2 days to shoot. 1 half to shoot the opening shots in the intro, another half for the Excessive Records scenes, and 1 full day on an abandoned construction site that had more gaping safety hazards than there are Lady Gaga albums on The Pirate Bay. Post-production happened in stages over a period of 2 months, because this had to stay within a guerilla budget and everyone has other jobs. After 4 painstakingly rendered drafts, we ran with this one. Because it is AWESOME. LOL!

A little birdy told me the budget for the video was RM500. Is this true?
Banyaknya. We kid. Although we’ll refrain from answering the question directly, we will say that if we spent the video’s budget on nasi ayam bungkus, a lot of people would like The Rebel Scum now. Not that people don’t like us now: the response to the video has been insane. Over the the first two days it generated more than 1,000 views on YouTube and Vimeo combined, and we have no idea how many views the Facebook video generated, but we’ve got a list of friends there who’ve linked to our video that’s about six pages long. Our friends on Twitter killed it too. Thanks, everyone. You people rock.

What else can we expect from The Rebel Scum in months to come?
By all means, expect more scumbaggery. And expect the goods coming out of Rogue Squadron: Jin Hackman’s ‘Selamba’ single is coming, complete with a music video by the same team responsible for ‘The Lost Chamber’; you know WHTR? is just around the corner. You need that in your life, don’t front. SSK is working on new material; so is Boss Chan. Figure of Speech has been doing a lot of shows to promote The Veil, often to decidedly non-hip-hop audiences, and that’s a good thing. Schizzow’s LANSI Caps are still the freshest thing you can put on your head without getting arrested. RS just opened up a Tumblr – because hey, why not? Follow us and we’ll follow you back. Promise.