The Puma Social Dream Team App

Puma has created a new Facebook app called The Puma Social Dream Team. Puma believes that every great night out is made possible by ‘Social Teammates’, with every teammates playing a different role that bonds the team and make them unique.

To begin this app, user will have to go the Puma Dream Team Facebook app, and then go through the ‘Analyze Me’ function to identify the user’s team role based on the social activities logged in Facebook in the past months. A special Polaroid photo using the user’s profile photo is generated together with their social trait. So you may be your team’s rock star because of your music knowledge or a celebrity because you’re popular.

There are 6 social activities to choose from, each with different Teammate roles to be filled. There’s The Gig Night, The Night on the Town, The Big Feast, Ten Pin Action, Bar Games and Karaoke Night.

Gabriel Yap – The Head of Marketing of Puma Malaysia said that the app is aimed to help consumers exit their niche social borders to socialize with other likeminded people they have never socialized with and benefit from being in a social group-type setting, celebrating and having fun together; after all, fun is always best shared with friends, or with likeminded individuals.

This app analyses your social data to tell you what type of Teammate you are and who is in your Social Dream Team. It is a new and fun way to discover the roles everyone plays in their social team. After all, who doesn’t want to know what type of teammates they and their friends play in a social setting?

So what kind of Teammate are you? Go to the Puma Social Dream Team app and find out! Click here.