The Prince Opus

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Remember Prince? The Purple One? The sign? He’s selling his latest triple set of albums, which is called 21 Nights: The Prince Opus which consists of a limited edition book and an iPod. Price? £1,500! That’s RM7,932.41 for you. The man is crazy!

The book is 280 pages, almost 2-feet wide, weighing at 17kg with documents of Prince’s 21 nights at the O2 arena in 2007. It also features photos by Randee St Nicholas and lyrics and poetry you’d expect in a text message. Surely it is bounded in leather, printed on ‘a technically superior grade of silk paper’ in purple velvet case. The iPod (yes, an iPod) is pre-loaded with Prince’a Indigo Nights live album and a 40-minute film ‘made by Prince’.

There are only 950 sets available and just like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, if you are the lucky buyer, you win a flight to Los Angeles for a private Prince gig. We’re talking serious moolah here, people. This is a special book for rich people’s coffee-tables yo. Of course, if you don’t need the velvet box, iPod and limited edition code on your pod, then you can still pick up 21 Nights, which was released as a normal book last fall, at only £20.

Prince is really outdoing himself on this. Tell us if you know any nutcases that copped themselves a set.

Source Guardian

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