The Presets: ‘Youth In Trouble’

The Presets have been awfully quiet for quite a long time now since their last album, Apocalypso which brought to you the anthem of a song, ‘My People’. Believe it or not, the Australian duo actually had an influence on The Black Eyed Peas’ album The E.N.D. and possibly their new elctronic musical direction. was so inspired by the sound of ‘My People’ that he took a three month trip to the land down under.

Finally, after a tiring wait by these perfectionists, they’ve released an eccentric single from their brand new album Pacifica, ‘Youth In Trouble’, which is the first taste of new music to come from The Presets in over four years. A never-ending, undulating slice of “face-melting techno”, the street track made its debut just recently. After several teases, the track also premieres the full video of ‘Youth In Trouble’, a kaleidoscopic pixilated rollercoaster created by New York based visual artist Yoshi Sodeoka.

‘Youth In Trouble’ and The Presets are both currently trending topics on Twitter in Australia so why don’t you guys check out the video and see what the hypes all about.

Click here to take a ride on the trippy rollercoaster.