The Pipettes: Earth Vs. The Pipettes (Fortuna Pop!)

Despite line up changes to their lead singers, and a few of the Cassettes (the backing band) leaving the group, The Pipettes are back! While they’ve ditched their matching polka dot dresses and choreographed dance moves, they still have their trademark indie pop sound.

Initially formed as a “self manufactured pop” band, The Pipettes are known for their ironic Phil Spector-era girl group sound. After aforementioned line-up changes, this new album comes with promise of “Space Disco”.  The album is consistent with its uptempo, catchy pop songs, and the addition of some synth not previously found on the last album.

If retro harmonies and songs about falling in love/breaking up (there is no in-between for these people is there?) is your thing, grab yourself a copy of Earth VS. The Pipettes and indulge yourself in some pure unadulterated pop.

Listen: ‘Ain’t No Talking’
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