The Pigeon Detectives

What’s in a name? Drummer Jimmi Naylor didn’t like the name The Pigeon Detectives at first, but names aside, this Leeds-based band have created enough buzz to cause havoc on the charts.

Breaking into the scene almost two years ago with their album, Wait For Me, the band has stayed true to their roots and stuck with their (independent) label, Dance to the Radio.

Rivals with major signings such as Kaiser Chefs and The Arctic Monkeys, now these Rothwell lads are all set to cement their place in rockdom with their follow up effort, Emergency. Influenced by the Beatles, Oasis, The Strokes and The Libertines, Emergency is more infectious than Wait for Me. Recorded in three weeks, said Jimmi in a recent press release of their sophomore album. “We wanted to write an album people could associate with. People warmed to Wait For Me because they could relate to it. I like the fact people can hear a song once and get the sentiment straight away.” Oliver Main, the band’s guitarist and songwriter added, “I always think that if you try too hard with the lyrics, you put people off.”

The band are self-professed fans of ‘three-minutes pop songs which tell stories’, but even if they sound like a band in a hurry, already the critics are calling Emergency 2008’s answer to 1964’s A Hard Day’s Night. The album is said to exist entirely within its own frame of reference. “Emergency sums up our lives over the last year. Everything from getting the videos done to playing festivals has been one big emergency,” frontman Matt Bowman admitted. Be that as it may, it doesn’t look like fans are about to evacuate yet, although they will rush like the house is on fire just to get a copy.

The Pigeon Detectives’ Emergency is out now on Dance to the Radio. For more info on the band, go to, or listen at pigeondetectives.

Text Ili Farhana

Image The Pigeon Detectives