The Million Ringgit Club

Glitz and glamour shone on 7atenine at Ascott in mid-March when it unveiled its recent revamp. The venue, located at The Ascott on Jalan Pinang underwent a RM1million renovation in January.

The facelift features enhanced aesthetics that are both practical and functional for that sexy ambience that 7atenine is known for. There’s the Champagne Pillar, which rises up to the mezzanine floor.

Another unique feature is the “Big A$$ Fan”, which evens out the temperatures in large spaces. Measuring at 4.3 meters in diameter, this is one of 7atenine’s green initiatives. Don’t be fooled by this big fan cos well-known bars such as W Bali, Anantara Kihava Villas Maldives and The Yacht Club Abu Dhabi are using it this as well.

You can also find the new pimped out shape to the bar, which makes interaction easier now, while sipping on your wines and champagnes. The Barclay Bar is a state of the art wine preservation to keep wines and champagnes fresh and sparkling up to 21 days.

Check out the Railway Sleeper flooring, which is salvaged from railway tracks of Burma. The hard iron wood planks resonates of the journeys the travelers from around the world. They’ve also filled up the gaps between the planks to make it environmental-friendly. Finally there’s the Paco Rabanni-inspired metal chain-link curtain that divides the dining area on mezzanine level from the bar on the ground floor.

The launch sees a celebrities such as Daphne Iking, Reshmonu, Serena C, Joanne Kam, and so many more to welcome back the new 7atenine. JUICE DJ Quest 2009 runner up Mr. Fluff was also on duty to provide the music that night. Welcome back 7atenine!

7atenine is located at Ascott KL, 9 Jalan Pinang, KL. Call 03 2161 7789, 012-210 3055 for reservation or the general line at 03 2162 7789. 7atenine is open on Monday-Friday 4.30pm onwards and Saturday from 6pm. Visit their website at now. Check out the Media Night at 7atenine flicks here.