The Lomography Colour Tiger 110

Are you in love with photography? Do you like taking pictures with a film camera and love anticipating the outcome of the pictures? Most importantly, do you have a 110 format camera? Do you detest the artificiality of Instagram? If you answered yes to all the questions, you must be well excited to learn that  Lomography is presenting its first colour negative film for the 110 format.

Complete with 200 ISO and sharp colours, the Tiger is made to produce clearer and brighter pictures, be it during the day time or at night with the help of a little flash! It is also the new member of Lomography’s rapidly growing 110 family, along with the B&W Orca and the brand new Fisheye Baby 110 line, specially made for all you analogue enthusiasts out there, a breed that was once dying but is now coming back to life with a bang!

The film is suitable for all 110 cameras, and it is priced at RM28 per package. For more info, log on to their online store.