The Little Mermaid Remake Surpasses Expectations

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(Source: SunHerald)

Since late of 1994, Disney have been turning their classic animated movies into live-action remakes starting with The Jungle Book and recently with Beauty and the Beast which released in 2017. They have been rather successful at bringing those nostalgic feelings from our childhood and have gotten much raves reviews for their efforts but now a small production company in Miami, Conglomerate Media have been receiving the light on their recent movie release of Disney’s Little Mermaid.

Not being based in Hollywood, this production company have only had one previous title–their biopic of Walt Disney’s early life based on Timothy Susanin’s book, Walt Before Mickey. Directed by Armando Gutierrez who does not come from a film background, Little Mermaid did relatively well landing an exclusive run at AMC Theatres, and already sold it’s worldwide streaming rights to Netflix.

Gutierrez’s version of the movie adds a whole new twist and has no connection to the animated Disney musical as some may have expected. As a Disney movies-fan himself, his project managed to achieve what all (good) Disney movies are famed for–making fantasy believable.

The movie takes us on a stroll back into the 20th-century America where a newspaperman travels to Mississippi with his young niece to report on a supposed-mermaid and her magical cure-all water.

Some fans of the animated movie might be a bit upset (where are the songs? she’s not red head!), but we feel that older fans would be able to appreciate this more matured take on the fantasy tale.